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Decopatch Supplies

Decopatching doesn't require much in the way of essential supplies. Glue-varnish, a stiff brush, Decopatch paper and something to decorate.

If you are covering a dark or patterned surface then you might want to use a coat of Gesso primer.

You can buy these separately or in kit form. For details of other decoupage products and tools, please see our glossary.

Tartan Decopatch Paperpatch

Tartans are trending right now.

Add some colour to your life with a burst of tartan.

There are several colour variations available. Tartans are a great choice for unisex items.

For the fashion conscious, adding a pop of tartan to high heels will give your wardrobe an instant facelift.



Decopatch Paperpatch Glue

Decopatch Glossy-Glue acts as both a glue and a basic varnish.

Non-toxic and water based, it is suitable for use by children.

It is suitable for all surfaces and gives a water resistant, glossy finish.

Unlike other decoupage glues it has no nasty smells.

Available in 70g, 150g and 300g pack sizes.



Decopatch Brushes

Decopatch brushes have stiff bristles to allow placement and smoothing down of the Decopatch paper.

Sturdy brushes, the Decopatch glue-varnish can be washed out of the brushes using soapy water.

This pack of 3 brushes of different sizes will allow you to get started on a range of projects.

Suitable for use on all surfaces.


Deco Mache Brand Paper

Deco Mache are fast becoming one of the most popular brands of paper for decopatching.

They have a great range of high quality decopatch papers.

Their designs range from the traditional through to more quirky designs such as this vintage vibe paper.

They also have designs that feature stamps, passport stamps and other unusual motifs.

Suitable for use on all surfaces.

Decopatch Paper

Decopatch paper is specially made for Decopatching.

Thin, flexible, strong even when wet, Decopatch paper makes it so easy to get professional looking results.

Decopatch papers are specially designed so the colours don't bleed when wet with glossy-glue.

The high print quality also means the papers are fade resistant.

Other colour selections and pack sizes are available.


Love Hearts Decopatch Kit

This is a lovely Decopatch starter kit. It makes an ideal gift and comes neatly packaged in a plastic box.

Kit Contains:

4 Heart themed mache objects to decorate
1 Decopatch Glue pot
1 Decopatch Brush
4 Decopatch Papers


Small Cat Decopatch Kit

This fun Decopatch starter kit comes neatly packaged in a plastic box.

Kit Contains:
1 x Small Papier Mache Cat
1 x Pot of 'Paperpatch' Glue
1 x Small Bristle Brush
6 x Decopatch Paper Designs
1 x Instruction Sheet

Other designs are available including Dinosaurs, Horse, Dog and Unicorn kits.


Giant Paper Mâché Unicorn

For anyone who is unicorn mad this is the ultimate home accessory.

A real statement piece when decorated. It would look great in a hallway or child's bedroom.

An amazing 146 cm high!

Smaller versions are also available.

XXL decopatch blanks are also available in tree, giraffe, stag and cow designs.


Paper Mâché Elephant

Start your very own sculpture trail with this fabulous elephant blank.

Let your imagination go wild. These larger blanks are great for big, bright decopatch paper designs.

21 x 12 x 17cm




Mod Podge Fabric Glue

Decoupage doesn't have to be just about paper. With this specialist glue you can use fabric to decorate most surfaces.

You can even use it to glue fabrics to other fabrics. The finished projects can even be washed.

This formula is ideal for decorating shoes, bags and homewares with fabric.




Decopatch White Gesso Acrylic Primer

Use a layer of this white undercoat to give a pale, even coloured surface for decorating.

White primer should be used on dark or patterned surfaces to prevent the underlying colour showing through the paper. This is especially important with lighter coloured papers.