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Decoupage Upcycling Photo Tutorial

Decopatch photo tutorialDecoupage (also known as decopatching or deco mache) is a simple way to revamp an old vase.

This is an ideal project for a beginner because it is a simple shape.

You'll need an old vase, decopatch glue-varnish, a small blunt ended paintbrush, enough decopatch paper to cover the vase plus half as much again (this is a generous estimate.) We used the Deco Mache Stamps design paper.

If the vase is dark or patterned you will also need some acrylic white gesso primer.

For a tougher and glossier finish you can use Aquapro varnish to finish.

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It really is that simple. You can also buy a wide variety of complete decopatch kits online.