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Decoupage ideas

Welcome to DecouPages

Decopatch or decoupage. Novice or expert. Welcome to DecouPages, your online guide to decopatching and decoupage.

We'll be constantly updating the 'Decopatch Goodies' section of this page so you'll know when there are new Decopatch papers and blanks available.

Get tips and find inspiration.

Deco Mache papersDecopatch Goodies

We are really impressed with the latest deco patch paper designs from Deco Mache. Not only are their deco patch papers made to a very high quality, but they have a great range of fun and quirky designs.

We really like the designs which feature a variety of stamps, tickets and maps. Click here to buy your Deco Mache papers.

It's great to have a range of designs that are a bit different. It is useful to have access to a range of deco patch papers with a more unisex appeal.

Decopatch vasesDecopatching is great for home decor items. You can add a unique touch to your home without breaking the bank.

You can now get Decopatch vase blanks to decorate as you wish. Double check that you are buying the waterproof blanks so you will have a practical addition to your home decor.

If you want to try making decopatch jewelry then the bangle and ring blanks are a great place to start.

Get Inspired

decopatch ideasFollowing on the heels of the over 50 life-sized gorillas that were on display around Norwich and 80 giant Gromits in Bristol, London and Bristol have both had Shaun the Sheep sculpture trails.

Now Sheffield is joining in the fun with the 'Herd of Sheffield'. There will be more than 40 elephant statues on display around the city.

decopatch elaphantsAlthough some of the designs are painted, you can easily see how you could get the same effect using decoupage. They also show how effective a large statement piece of Decopatch sculpture can be.

There are several extra large Decopatch blanks available, including cow, tree, elephant, scottie dog and giraffe blanks.

Click here for more details.